And, my underwater journey has began!

I was always fascinated by the Ocean’s colorfully living underwater world, but before being involved in conservation I had never ever dream of diving, and now I cannot believe myself that I did it.

Yesss! Last month I have dived into the Ocean for the first time. It all began with our arrival to the beautiful island Koh Tao, Thailand.


The beautiful Koh Tao, Koh means Island, and Tao is for Turtle in the Thai language, that makes it Turtle Island. More particularly, I loved the island for this cliff and rocks.


In the Gulf of Thailand, the island is one the cheapest diving destinations in the world. Moreover, it is near my country, so I chose the destination for my first scuba dive experience, which was actually an experience of a lifetime.

Back in home, I studied the PADI Open Water diving course’s handbook thoroughly. And later signed up for SSI try diving.

With my colleagues of Save Our Sea, we were at Big Blue Diving. On the first day, I was trained in a swimming pool with all the gears. My instructor showed the techniques of breathing with the regulator, equalization, buoyancy control, signs etc.


I took a hike (sort of) in the hills also.

On the second day, with all my buddies, we were taken in one of the popular diving sites. In the middle of the sea, I was a bit nervous though.

Geared up with equipment and suit, we jumped into the sea one by one. Front jump, of course. After all, it was a nicely built diving boat with the rear platform.

And it was blue all around, crystal clear blue, the sky, the water! It was amazing. We finished a training session on the surface.

Then into the water, I was like WOW! That first breath underwater is unforgettable; I was counting my every breath and offering my gratitude to the Almighty Allah.

20170624_152017It was blue all around.

Our instructor showed us the techniques again in the shallow water. We practiced all the skills in the shallow zone. On my mind, I thanked the person who inspired me a lot to take this journey.

Then along with the instructor, we started to descend up to 10 meters depth. As I was descending, I was feeling more water pressure because and started equalizing.

At the 10 meters depth, there were diverse and different types of beautiful corals. We swam with a lot of beautiful creatures which I cannot remember all of them. But there was the large school of Chevron Barracuda (Sphyraena putnamiae), a lot of Rabbitfish (Siganus spp.) varieties, some Parrotfish (Scaurs spp.), many Lined Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon lineolatus), Long-fin Bannerfish (Heniochus acuminatus) and a Black Tip Shark (Charcharhinus limbatus) too!


Suited up on the boat. When I will return I’ll not forget to take an underwater camera.


Invertebrates included Giant Clam, Sea Squirt, Marbled Sea Cucumber, and Crown of Thorns.

Until it was done, traveling to a far away country for diving on my own was really like a daydream for me, after all, we are living in a traditional society with some traditional hidden chains. However, I made it and it is not an end; it is a beginning of my new journey.

I wholeheartedly hope, this journey will take me to many corners of the Ocean, and of course in the every explorable part of the Bay of Bengal. Our bay needs explorations and identification measures for the conservation of biodiversity, which I dearly hope to be a part of.


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