For my BabyShark

So, here I’m today, enjoying every moment of the sweetest times of my life ever; the motherhood. With my two-year-old baby girl, it feels like I am living a miracle.

But, honestly speaking, after one year of being a mom, my disengagement with works I love started bothering me, sometimes. Not that I was unhappy in any sense, but it felt like, in regard to professional works, I was helpless to dream more.

See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes

Then, at a point, I do not know how, this helplessness transformed into which I probably should say, ‘courage’. When I looked back to myself, it came to me that, I am more prepared than ever for taking new challenges in my life. I feel, my time struggling to attend her in any situation taught me to manage my time like never before.

I dream of a future when sharks will not be fished out of the sea anymore.

Take it from me; for a mom working outside, motherhood is something that gives you the courage to fight all the battles in life, whether professional or personal.

Now, at my college, I try to start my classes on time, I do not want to keep my students waiting. And after college, I do not wait a moment to start for the home to my child. Then, the readings, writings, traveling in between cities to meet my colleagues in conservation and so on.

I find immense joy while being with my daughter, and even to my amazement, the joy of working on shark conservation is no less than that.

Yes, it is possible to do both and I am doing so! Fishes always fascinated me, and I feel really content that, this fascination has turned into a career goal.

Sometimes you find the most helpful people, in the most unexpected of places. While on field trip last year, at this fish landing center, I found fisher-folks, social-workers and businessmen who care for sharks.

Nowadays, I love to describe myself as ‘SharkMom’. I love that. Oftentimes, I call my child, hey ‘BabyShark’! I love that too.

In the coming years, I will be out in the fields and offshore which certainly will force me to leave my child back in the home. My mom, of course, enjoys looking after her while I am not there. I know how much I’ll miss her.

But I’ll do it for my BabyShark.


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