Presentation at MCBES16

Back in June 2016, I’ve presented our works in progress on ‘Identifying Priorities of Elasmobranch Biodiversity Conservation in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh’ at the second Marine Conservation and Blue Economy Symposium in Dhaka.

The presentation recently got published in the proceedings of the symposium.

Shark-FinsMy presentation was part of the Plenary Session titled ‘Conservation of Marine Mega-fauna’. It was really a great opportunity to present our work on the same platform with senior biologist like Dr. Brian Smith from IUCN  Cetacean Specialist Group, Dr. Enamul Hoq from Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute.

Dr. Brian asked me a number of questions about our works, particularly whether the study would be able to specify the ‘Threatened’ shark species in Bangladesh’s water. But unfortunately we still don’t have such a greater scope, the current study is limited to identifying priority steps for conservation. To specify threatened species, first we need an assessment of local population first, which is a huge task.

We’re also deeply grateful to Dr. Enamul Hoq for his continued contribution as a mentor and reviewer of our works.


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