Sea Turtle Note

Bangladesh with its large coastline is the home of some beautiful marine animals. Sea turtles are one of them. Sea turtles have some fascinating characteristics. The most interesting thing is that they return to the same beach where they once hatched.Sea turtles prefer sandy beaches for nesting. Generally, they nest all the year-round but high […]

Biodiversity is Life

Life is a source of learning. One can learn throughout life. My recent visit to the GYBN workshop in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state, India was full of learning. Young souls around Asia enlightened the workshop. It was really an amazing experience for me. A room full of energetic people with different culture and […]

Kuching Diary

Kuching, the city of cats is truly justified by its name. This is the last place I visit for attending IMCC5 (International Marine Conservation Congress). It has been one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. I have so many things to share about the Congress and the city. Kuching is situated in the state […]

For my BabyShark

So, here I’m today, enjoying every moment of the sweetest times of my life ever; the motherhood. With my two-year-old baby girl, it feels like I am living a miracle. But, honestly speaking, after one year of being a mom, my disengagement with works I love started bothering me, sometimes. Not that I was unhappy […]

Presentation at MCBES16

Back in June 2016, I’ve presented our works in progress on ‘Identifying Priorities of Elasmobranch Biodiversity Conservation in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh’ at the second Marine Conservation and Blue Economy Symposium in Dhaka. The presentation recently got published in the proceedings of the symposium. My presentation was part of the Plenary Session titled ‘Conservation of […]